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Posted in Mozilla by The Lizard on October 18, 2007

Well, it seems the Lizard has begun to stir the world, but not with the post I intended.[1]

Let me start by addressing some of the many, many points people have raised about this blog.

First, Daniel Glazman understandably hates on the anonymity of this blog. The Lizard is anonymous for a reason. Blogging about earth-shattering news in the Mozilla world, especially using tidbits from sources with Mozilla Corporation confidential information, is a Big Deal™. HUGE. Being anonymous allows me to gather information at a quick pace and also allows any Corporation employees who wish to submit anonymous insider information to do so and continue to remain anonymous. To make it simple: it takes anonymity to get fucking amazing leaks.

Second, I never once said or implied that I was either male or a single person and I take issue with Matt of AllPeers calling me a “he.” Such a sexist statement is what makes the Mozilla community a rude one. Let’s be a bit less discriminatory when you reply to me.[2]

Third, Matt, you missed the boat on your “front-company” complaint. It’s “front-company” in the style of “frontman,” not “front company” meaning “nefarious organization.” Please to be understanding English.

Finally, the troll argument. Why is it okay for Mozilla celebrities like Asa Dotzler and Mike Shaver to be utter asses in the Mozilla world but not for others? Who set that rule? Asa himself will admit to often being a troll in the technology world. Mike is far too arrogant to admit such a thing.[3] Any objective look would view both as trolls. How am I different? Oh, right, the anonymous thing, which is explained above. Are you all that ignorant? Are you completely unable to understand why this blog must remain anonymous? Before this blog post, maybe. Hopefully, not after.

(It’s also a commonly accepted belief that trolls don’t usually know they’re trolls and think they’re providing the world with a service. In this spirit, I know I am not a troll.)

Hopefully, this post clears up several of the issues the Mozillaverse has had with me and this blog. If not, fuck you. 😉


[1] Chris Blizzard joining the Mozilla Corporation is a much more important story—and thus a more shocking post from your friendly Fake Lizard—to the future of Mozilla than anything about branding. Three Corporation employees will now sit on its Board of Directors. As of this writing, however, that story’s finally starting to get attention, just not on Planet Mozilla.
[2] That’s sarcasm, folks.
[3] Apologies to Mike for making this statement while he’s off with his new child and unable to defend himself. Congratulations, Mike. (Really, congratulations on the latest addition to your family.)

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  1. John Feeney said, on October 19, 2007 at 7:16 am

    Ease up a little on the finger pointing, certain lanuage does not need too appear in conveying your position.

    If they don’t get it, so be it. All you did was lay credit to another opinion that could be shared by others detracting from the issue. You found news, you posted it, they have a problem, why? Because people are reading your blog an not theirs? Is that not the root?

    Anonymous is pretty clear too the rest of us, apologies are well noted, consideration should have been up-front prior too you post.

    I have many that disagree on my position with CopyRights/DRM and “ripping” CDs/DVDs, but I respect their position, just don’t agree or try to ensure the point is correctly debated.

  2. Fake Lizard said, on October 19, 2007 at 8:34 pm

    Matthew, did you not read that paragraph at all? The Lizard knows that a front company is a false face for a nefarious organization, which is why I chose “front-company” (with a hyphen) instead of “front company” (no hyphen) when referring to AllPeers. Seriously, it’s meant as a compliment to you guys as the driving force behind Mozpad, just like you’d call Diana Ross the frontman for The Supremes. The Lizard promises to try to be less funny in the future.

  3. […] the Lizard fully appreciates the resignation of Chris Blizzard from the board of directors after joining the Mozilla Corporation. Mr Blizzard, you did the right […]

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