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Exclusive: MailCo Gets Name, Board of Directors

Posted in Mozilla by The Lizard on February 18, 2008

The David Ascher-led “MailCo” will, this week, announce its name, initial employees, and board of directors on its new website.

Mozilla Messaging Incorporated is a California corporation led by the Canadian CEO, David Ascher. Its initial goal is to release Thunderbird 3 this year (without the application’s lead developers).

Directors include:

  • David Ascher
  • Chris Beard, VP of Mozilla Labs at Mozilla Corporation
  • Mårten Mickos, CEO, MySQL

But don’t think my secrets are so special. Mozilla Messaging Incorporated (henceforth to be known as MoMess) has published the beginnings of its website in SVN, which is publicly viewable by anyone in the world. (If you’d like to know the initial employee list, the Lizard recommends heading over to either of those links.)

The $3 million question the Lizard must ask centers around the initial board of directors. If MoMess is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation, and if this new organization is really supported by that organization, why are there no representatives from the Foundation on the board of directors?

I’ll tell you why. No one truly gives a fuck what happens here. MoMess will fail. It’s bound to be a complete failure. The Lizard does wish the best to Mr Ascher; Thunderbird in a solid, stable home would be wonderful. However, unless Scott MacGregor, David Bienvenu, Sherman Dickman, and Seth Spitzer want to wrest their darling product back from the ’mess and bring it to the bosom of their new mail company, no amount of money or manpower will truly help.

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