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Exclusive: A Look Inside Mozilla’s Financials; Planned Growth in 2009

Posted in Mozilla by The Lizard on November 27, 2008

As the financial markets collapse, my devoted readers will be happy to know Mozilla is doing just fine.

In an email to his staff on October 10, 2008, Mozilla Overlord John Lilly detailed not only Mozilla’s current financial state but also the Corporation’s intention to continue expanding in 2009. The Lizard has reprinted the email in its entirety below the fold (the “Jim” mentioned is Jim Cook, the CFO of the Mozilla Foundation and Corporation).

To summarize, for those Mozillians too lazy to read (practically all of the Mozilla Corporation):

  1. Mozilla intends to grow by 75 in 2009
  2. Mozilla is break even
  3. Mozilla believes Google Chrome could reach 7% market share next year

Consider this a holiday gift to my American friends.


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