The Truth about Mozilla

Dear TechCrunch

Posted in Mozilla by The Lizard on January 7, 2008

To the half-witted moron at TechCrunch who decided to publish the Lizard’s recent exclusive regarding the Fight Against Boredom viral marketing campaign,

Please, please, please read the sites you link to. This blog is not, as you say, a “fake blog complete with mocked up Mozilla criticisms that is pretending to report on the viral campaign as well.” I assure you, this blog is real and its criticisms are valid. Before you fuck-ups attempt to report on another exclusive, check your sources and confirm they are indeed who you say they are. Responsible journalism appears to be dead and gone in today’s world.

It is now painfully clear to your fearless truth-telling reptilian why the world keeps falling for the bullshit Mozilla dishes out; “astute” journalists and their readers are too dumb to tell that a controversial blog airing Mozilla’s dirty laundry is not a part of a “viral marketing campaign.”

Mr Riley, no one appreciates bad journalism. Please retract that part of your blog post.

At least the journalists over at Computer World didn’t horribly misrepresent this blog.